Chapterthon 2021 – Closure in November

The internet society (ISOC) aims for the internet to be open, globally –connected, secure and trustworthy. They seek collaboration with all who share these goals. One of their partners is the internet engineering Task Force (IETF). IETF is the leading internet standards body that develops open standards for the internet.
ISOC has developed the Open Standards everywhere (OSE) project as a tool for conforming to the latest standards being developed by IETF. The document can be obtained from the following url
OSE is tested on the following web servers

1. Apache
2. Nginx
3. Apache or Nginx behind a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
OSE is designed to configure
2. IP V6
3. TLS
4. HTTP/2

OSE Compliance is tested using two platforms

Usage:Type a domain name in the two platforms and a score will be automatically be generated. A score of 100% on both platforms indicate
successful compliance with the open standards everywhere requirements showing your website is in line with modern internet standards.

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